Do you often see successful people and think to yourself, "I can do that." or "I should be up there talking about this stuff." or my personal favorite, "I know way more than this person."

So how come you aren't where you want to be? Do you feel like you have a huge potential but you are somehow holding yourself back because of old beliefs or a story you formed about yourself when you were a young kid? 

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5 Keys To Transcend Toxic Masculinity. 


In my work at your own pace course, you will learn all the insides of who you are and discover who you want to be in this lifetime. You have the ability to be whoever you want to be. I will help you find that potential. 

My course includes weekly coaching calls where we dig into the tough stuff. The stuff you were told as a child, to stuff down, to not feel, to "Let Go" of. Yeah, that deep nasty shit, we are going to not just learn how to get over it, but how to totally irradiate the shit that is holding you back so you never have to think about it again! 

In "The 5 Keys" I will be guiding you through what it takes to overcome fears, obstacles, miss beliefs, and old programing that is stopping you from enjoying all of the incredible things life has to offer. 

This course is not a get rich fast, bullshit about how to find your purpose. I will not work with anyone who is not 110% committed to getting rid of the old bullshit weighing them down and ready to embrace the new them.

This is not a course where you pay me a lot of money, to beat the shit out of you and tell you your worthless, so I can build you up stronger. If thats want you are looking for, you need to keep looking. 

You are here because you are lost, you are scared, you are searching for more out of life. You know you have great potential inside of you, you just need some guidance on how to find it and nurture it. Thats where I come in. I use my extensive knowledge of Dynamic Tapping, Reiki, Nutrition, Fitness and other skills I have acquired along my journey which got me through my darkest times. 

Lucky for you, I've made the Vanguard Blueprint which I detail inside the "5 Keys"  Combined with my individual coaching, I will work with you to learn the tools you need specific for you and your goals. 

This course is designed to get you looking inside of yourself for the answers to your problems. 

If you are ready to make a shift from the dark place your in now, to living your dream life, Hit that Set up Call button and lets see if "5 Keys" and myself are the correct fit for your future!


Personalized Coaching

Weekly coaching calls to guide you through the course and hold you accountable to yourself and your goals.

All Access Pass

You will get an individual course log in so you can work at your own pace and pick up each session where you left off.

Elite Community

Join an Elite Member's Only community  with other men going through the same hardships!

You Are The Only One

Responsible For Your Life!


Do know what's holding you back? Do you know how to let go of your fears and step into your own light?

It's time to own up to your shortcomings and be better. 

It's time to take responsibility for your life. You can have it all, why don't you?

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What Will 5 Keys Do For You?


Key One- Let Go

This is where we dig into the tough stuff and let go of all the shit holding you back.


Key Two- Look Inside

This is where we look inside yourself for the answer to your life's purpose.


Key Three- Learn Communication 

We learn how to communicate with those in our lives to build relationships that will take us to the next levels of who we want to become. 


Key Four- Live Healthy

Having a successful mindset is the start but in this key we dig into our physical health and well-being. 


Key Five- Love Your Journey  

Its not enough to have a plan for becoming successful, its time to walk the walk and apply all the steps into your life. This is where we create your dream life and start taking the steps to live it!


Take Action Toward

Your Dream Life

Your life won't get better until you take responsibility for your past, responsibility for your present, and responsibility for your future. The time to act is NOW! 

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