Eliminate Anxiety, Overcome Depression, and Develop Your Purpose in 5 SIMPLE STEPS!


I made a shift. Now I'm living my dream life!

I layout my exact 5 step framework that shifted me away from my darkest struggles, and got me living my highest purpose. 

Are You Struggling With...

Fear Holding You Back

Anxiety Stopping You From Enjoying Life

Depression Making It Hard To Get Out Of Bed

Or Maybe Your Unable To Even Recognize Your Feelings 

I've Been In Your Shoes!

I've experienced a lot of hardships in my life that caused PTSD and severe depression and anxiety. 

I was able to overcome these life threatening challenges by using the exact systems I outline in this free E-Book.

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You will easily be able to replicate the framework that got me out of my head and into my life!

You are worthy of all the success and happiness you can dream of! 

You're Worth It

I know what it's like to fear getting out of bed in the morning. To go to a job you hate, to come home to a wife you wish you didn't have. I've been through the ringer and it's time for me to help guide others through it just as I made it through.  

Download my Free E-Book Today!

Overcome any struggle life throws at you with these 5 simple steps.

Student Testimonial

Read what students are saying about Derek and Sailing Stone Performance.

"Before I started woking with Derek and the “5 Key’s to Unlock Your-SELF,” I was the typical male who hid his emotions and didn’t show compassion. I originally thought the course would help me start up my nutrition business and give me the courage to go all in on myself and give me the path to follow. However, after I started the course I soon began to realize that we would be unlocking emotions that have been haunting me since I was a child and have held me back form truly being the best version of myself. Working with Derek has been the most powerful experience of my life. His methods have given me the courage to open up to others in a way I never thought possible and share my story on a much deeper level. He has taught me that we all have a past with painful memories and until we release those painful memories, only then can we realize that our past doesn’t have to control our future and we can become our best self. This course is exactly what Derek said it would be, teaching men that we don’t have to be the what society expects. As a man I have been hard wired to be the macho man that hides our emotions and never shows compassion. Derek said it best, Until we release those fears and memories, only then will you become the Ever-Evolving Human you want to be. This course will open you up more than you will ever expect and really get you thinking about your past and ultimately get you to place you want to be in life of becoming the best version of yourself. Derek has really opened my eyes to and showed me how my past insecurities have been holding me back from my future goals. He has helped me release those painful memories and insecurities and realize the person I used to be, does not dictate the person I can become. I highly recommend anyone that is struggling or lost in life to reach out to Derek and dive deep into yourself. He is a true master of his craft and I believe that no matter what your future holds, everyone can benefit from this course and his coaching calls."

Grady Smith
Sailing Stone Performance Student

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Eliminate Anxiety, Overcome Depression, and Develop Your Purpose in 5 SIMPLE STEPS!


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