URGE Performance Enhancement Formula

Check out my personal supplement line! I have formulated an all-natural testosterone booster called URGE.

Scientific Research on URGE Ingredients has revealed:


• When used in conjunction with an exercise /  weight training regime, URGE accelerates:
     Decreased body fat percentage
     Increased arm, thigh, chest circumference
     Increased muscle strength & anabolic effect 

     Increased mental focus & physical stamina 


• Produces an elevated testosterone level

• Increases cellular energy production of nitric oxide

• Elevates the percentage of sperm motility rate

• Natural energizer, mood booster and aphrodisiac

• Improves natural biorhythms and increased thermo sensitivity

• Decreases sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) allowing for higher available testosterone

• Reduces the conversion of testosterone into estrogen (aromatization)

• Improves ED and premature ejaculation in men without side effects

• Increases sperm quality and quantity