Alex G.

“I used Derek to get fit for my wedding.  Over the course of our our 5 months of sessions, I lost 25 pounds and gained considerable muscle mass and definition.  His attitude is fantastic and I truly enjoyed working with him.  He challenged me and knew how to get to know me better as to better figure out what would motivate me during our sessions.  Through our sessions, he also motivated me to think healthier and live a healthier lifestyle–from how i manage my social life to how I eat for each meal.  Also, he is honest and easy to deal with and scheduling is a breeze with him.  I could not have been more pleased with him and with the results.”


Kate G.

“Derek helped both my husband and myself get in shape for our wedding.  The plans he provided helped my husband while he was on the road traveling for business stay in shape and eat healthy.  Derek’s motivation and one-on-one training really helped transform our bodies to be the best for our wedding.  I became more toned and learned to incorporate in my daily routine.  My husband lost a total of 30 pounds and is continually working out with the help of Derek’s Renegade Fit Plans.”


Jenn L.

“I’ve worked with Derek for over two years now and have lost 85lbs. to date.  He helps with diet, moral support and training.  I wouldn’t be where I am without his guidance.

He helped me while I was down for 2 months after knee surgery, getting me back on track quickly.

I cant recommend him highly enough.

We have trained in person, but most of our training is conducted through text, email and messaging.”