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I Am A Sailing Stone...

I forge my own path. 

I remain grounded in my knowing while moving forward with my purpose.

I refuse to stand in one spot, knowing I have the ability to be greater, to do greater, and to give greater.

 I will love myself whole heartedly so I may grow beyond my wildest dreams. For it is within this love that my greatness grows. 

I will lead by example so the next generations have someone to look up to. 

Become A Sailing Stone

1:1 Coaching

A guided deep dive into your reoccurring patterns of self-doubt, fear, and trauma response. We work together to let go of any past traumas, old beliefs, and fears that are holding you back from reading happiness, fulfillment, success, and health. 

Sessions are 90 mins via Zoom

*Link sent upon scheduling

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Group Coaching

Each group is unique as they are brought together for their collective ability to heal and grow from each other. Each group is guided by Derek and taught the same techniques he uses in his course and with his 1:1 students, but it's all done in group setting. 

Classes are held 2 days a week with one including reiki, guided meditation and a focus on self-care. The second is a tapping class, which is focused on letting go of those things that are holding you back from accomplishing your goals and gearing you up for productivity. 

Classes are roughly 1-2hrs and held virtually Via Zoom

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Derek is available for seminars, workshops and webinars. He will create a tailored presentation for you and your team to come together to learn individual and well as team growth. His philosophy is that all of the inner work you do together will allow you to set better boundaries, communicate more effectively and understand more clearly t your needs and the needs of your team members.

Individual work, combined with team building, will allow your team to thrive.

Workshops can also be tailored to be individual work done in a large group setting.

Schedule a consult to chat about your different options. 

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You Tube Content

If you like this video, be sure to hit the link below to see more videos like this!


If you like this video, be sure to hit the link below to see more videos like this!

Click For More Videos Sailing Stone Performance Podcast

5 Keys To Unlock Your-SELF

This is a self-guided course using my unique framework called the Sailing Stone Method to look inside yourself and unlock the keys to living your highest potential.

This course includes one of two different coaching options, a 6 month option or a 1 year option. That includes coursework as well as weekly 1:1 coaching calls.

Schedule a call and talk with Derek Hutchins the creator himself to see if this course is a fit for you! 

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Weekly Group Classes

This is a fantastic way to get into tapping and to get comfortable letting go of what's holding you back. If you want a more affordable way to start creating your dream life, this is it!

The group experience offers so much added value and a community vibe that individual programs don't get. 

When you see other being vulnerable, it gives you permission to also go inside yourself and discover and let go of blockages. 

Sign up with the link below! 

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Start Your Journey to your Best Self

If you're lost or struggling to become someone you know you can be, but having a hard time figuring out where to start, start here.

Free E-Book


Download my Free E-Book Today!

I layout my exact 5 step framework that shifted me out of my darkest depression, and got me living my highest purpose. 

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Sailing Stone Facebook Community 

Sailing Stone is a unique group of people who are unlocking their authentic SELVES. They are the leaders of tomorrow, always growing and looking at ways to enhance their lives and the lives of those around them.  

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Create Your Dream Life

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