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"I reached out to Derek only 3 days after my son died. 

I was devastated and heartbroken and needed urgent help to release my feelings of sorrow and grief. 

 Although I knew my son’s death was not my fault ,I was also carrying years of guilt of my son’s addiction and the surrounding circumstances of his death.  Along with this I now had terrible PTSD which was affecting everything, even my ability to handle even the simplest of things, such as  noise and lights. 

 Everything was a trigger and I needed someone to work with me hands on to walk me through this! I was waking up in the middle of the night screaming in pain, my soul was literally ripped open.

 I started to have regular thoughts of suicide and it scared me, shook me to my core! 

 I needed help and NOW! 

 I didn’t have the capacity to read a self help book, nor did I  have time to wait for an appointment with a Therapist. I also knew that I was not going to a Dr. to be put on meds for a quick fix, only to cause more issues later. I wasn’t going to get through this by crutching on a drug, alcohol or any other vice.

 So thankfully Derek met with me immediately and we got to work!

 After my first session with Derek, I noticed a huge difference. The pain was still there but not debilitating all hours of the day and night! 

 The weight of his death, the way he died was immediately much lighter and easier to carry!

 In the following weeks, I continued to work with Derek once a week. 

Each week we review homework from our last session, discuss present feelings and things that are showing up, we then tap on these specific things! He did it with me so I was never confused or lost in the process! At the end of each session he leaves me with homework for the week and of course he does all this with love and kindness! 

 He truly does love and practice what he teaches and I felt it from day one! 

 He is calm and comforting and so easy to talk to. Yet he will put me in my place with that Derek honesty, when needed!

 I am still working with Derek. We are now in our 4th month!  Each week I feel myself getting stronger, more self aware and I am now able to tap by myself and in the moment!

 Of course I miss my son every second of every day only now, I am learning to manage this in the moment and not let it overwhelm and over take me! I am also learning to become this new version of me without my son and with all the knowledge of what I truly want!

 I have a long way to go.. but I'm a long way from where I was, that is forsure! 

 If you are struggling with grief, panic, anxiety or just simply need a tune up with your feelings or emotions... give him a call! 

 I promise it will change your life!"

-Trish C




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